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Debra McMillen

Branch Manager Residential Real Estate
Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770
Office: 727-581-9411 Debra McMillen leads an elite team of experienced associates who are trained to help you make the best real estate decisions for your lifestyle.


  • Career Expertise... Debra McMillen leads a team of educated, experienced, and energetic associates who are trained to help you make the best real estate decisions for your lifestyle. With over 20 years of experience, from her start as a sales associate to her extensive management service covering the east and west coasts of Florida, she has created an office environment designed to reflect the caliber of excellence that makes Colwell Banker’s South Tampa office a leader in the Tampa Bay real estate market. She has built a strong professional image in the community by promoting positive consumer awareness and commitment.
  • A Valuable Resource... Her enthusiasm, instincts, and knowledge of real estate are a valuable resource to her customers and to the real estate professionals in the South Tampa office. She believes that open communication and trust are cornerstones of all successful real estate transactions. Training associates to reach the broadest cross section of buyers is one of the finer points of her philosophy for highly specialized home marketing. Matching a customer with the right real estate professional is an important element of her management success.
  • Highly Respected... By anticipating market trends, her highly respected South Tampa team provides customers with the guidance, education, and resources to protect their most valuable asset. “Our associates believe in being a trusted resource, not just during the home marketing or buying process, but serving as a continued source of information and expert advice…a life long real estate connection… for each of their customers.” Debra McMillen and the Coldwell Banker South Tampa office are an established success story for your real estate transactions … or your real estate career… a team dedicated to exceeding your expectations...
  • Rewarding Career Opportunities at the South Tampa Office... The real estate profession is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career field. Becoming an "Independent Contractor" with Coldwell Banker has enabled men and women to establish ownership of their business and develop a prosperous livelihood. “I always enjoy speaking with entrepreneur minded individuals about a specific business plan and goals, developed specifically for them, that will lead to a satisfying and profitable profession. It is not about recruiting for the moment ... but the right tools and coaching to provide the blueprint for a profitable, lifelong real estate career. ”